Events and Gachas

IMG_4928UntitledPapermilk Shirley T  is the shape released for Fill In The Blanks event.

Hint for the search is “Wanting a change? Step in to this room.”

Hunt Dates: Sep 28 – Oct 26

$2 linden

   Grab your ride here 

IMG_7842 copy

Papermilk Kawaii is a new series released for the new opening of our little store.

5 shapes available:

Meet Saki (rare includes skin), Misaki , Akari , Oka , Hatsumi

$50 linden

Get your taxi here 



Papermilk Salt is a new series released for Bargain Gacha event.

5 shapes available:

Meet Raven (rare includes skin), Krista (1), Pia (2) Sonny (3), Meliss (4)

Event opens 11th – 25th of April

A special invitation April 9th-10th where the parcel is  opened for bloggers.


Grab your ride here 




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